Customer Service Phrases to Avoid

We've all heard them and they drive us crazy!  Here are five catch phrases sure to send your customers shopping at your competitors.  Can your team avoid saying these this holiday season?
1. Calm Down
There may not be a more infuriating phrase in customer service than this one. If a customer has reached a boiling point and is ranting away, the best thing to say is nothing. Let the customer finish. Once he or she has gotten everything out, they will begin to feel better and may be more receptive to a solution.
Better: "I apologize."
2. Did You See Any?
If a customer asks for a particular item you carry, chances are he/she already looked for it and didn't see it. This could mean it's out of stock or possibly still in the stock room. Even if they haven't looked for it yet, the best customer service would be to either take them to the product or go get it for them.
Better: "Yes, we stock that. I'll go see if we have any."
3. It's Over There
We've all heard this bad customer service phrase used by the busy or indifferent sales person. Sometimes they may point in the general direction. Not lifting their head to acknowledge the shopper makes it worse.
Better: "Follow me, I'll show you right where it is."
4. I Can't Do That
This is another negative customer service phrase that should be banned. Either empower the employees or train them to take issues to a supervisor or store management.
Better: "What I can do is ___."
5. That's Not My Department
It may be true, but it is also something a customer doesn't want to hear. Businesses should train their staff to be familiar with all areas of the store operations and know who to contact for help in various departments.
Better: "I'll be happy to get you to the person who knows more about that department."

Do you have a favourite phrase that drives you crazy when you hear it?
Your's for the best in service,
Barb Bruce