The Power of Positive Change

work/life balance in P.E.C.

Stepping Outside of Yourself - The Sequel

In November of 2010 I wrote a blog about Change and how everyone deals with it differently.   Click HERE to read it.
Back then I was knee deep in change.  With an 18 year career that had come to an end, I had two choices. I could feel sorry for myself that my predictable work grind had ended, or shake things up and take a "what's next" approach.  Guess which I did?  Now, almost two years later, change was the best life lesson I've experienced.

So "Thank You" to my friend who in 2010 asked if I was "stepping outside of myself" as I veered off my normal path in life, taking a little less conservative approach to my day to day ritual and made me realize that stepping outside myself was a great way for me to approach change. I started to look for opportunity, stopped being predictable, and thought more about what I hadn't experienced, what I wanted to do and how I would do it differently.
This was my list from 2010.  I stand by it two years later, and it has paid off!

1. Work/Life Balance - We so often get it wrong! Find the best balance to suit your lifestyle. Many type A’s like myself have tried to squeeze 150% into 100% and the result is often 75% or less productivity. I believe that everyone has their own work/life balance, and until you shake it up a bit, you won’t be able to know what balance is best for you! I’m still working to get mine right!

2. Try Something New - Two years in and I've conquered this goal!  Remember that idea that you said absolutely no to? Why not revisit it. I’m not saying you should do something that you don’t believe in, but why not open your mind to a new experience.

3. Compassion - In business we often don’t have enough of it. It doesn’t fit into deadlines well, can interfere with profitability and takes extra time that we often just don’t have. On the flip side, compassion connects you to others on a deeper more personal level than sticking with the same practiced routine! When it comes to relationship building, even in business compassion is a wonderful trait to have.  I continue to work hard at this.

4. Fun - You need it to survive, inside and outside a work environment. I didn’t have or share enough of it. Add some fun in your life but also in the lives of others. If you are in a work environment and fun does not exist on some level then productivity levels may decrease. For those who believe fun = lower productivity, please refer to point #2 and open your mind.

5. Decisions without Regret - In work and in life we make decisions all day long. What will you eat for breakfast? What shoes will you wear? How will you respond to an irate customer? What staffing changes will you plan? Is it time to leave your job? Is it time to try something new? The great thing about decisions is they are yours to make! Bottom line – be ok with your decisions, good or bad, learn and grow from them.

So two years have come and gone, and I have stepped out of my "normal" and experienced a new proactive approach to work and life.  Now I'm back doing what I love!  Monday morning meetings, Tuesday night calls, Wednesday night out of town travels, a daily landslide of emails, seminar hosting, promotional planning, best practices, strategic development, spreadsheets, stats analysis and yes even the dreaded budgeting is back - and I couldn't be happier!!!!!

Change - make it great!
Barb Bruce - MyRadius Consulting Services